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Awesome Features

Just some of what we have to offer.

Free Recaps

Subscribe to our weekly newsletter and video. We discuss the previous & upcoming weeks, as well as market and site developments.

Free Trading History

Our trade history is free to view by all. You can get a sense for how we are trading as well as our profit/loss and win/lose rates.

Free Intro Course

Sign in to gain access to our introductory course. This will get you caught up on the basics and give more info on our various portfolios.

Weekly Recaps

Hear our commentary and see our broker account during our weekly recap for each account. 100% transparency.


A 2-way tier can accelerate your learning or if you're just looking for ideas, you can save some and subscribe to a 1-way tier.

Pro Course

Everything that is important to know for successful trading is included. Once purchased you will have access forever.

Portfolio Prices

Four Accounts. Simple prices. Bundle Discounts.

Small & IRA


$ 9.99 / mo.

  • $1,000 Minimum
  • Target: 30% per year
  • Goal: Start From Scratch
  • Works with IRA under 25k
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$ 99.99 / mo.

  • $10,000 Minimum
  • Target: 40% per year
  • Goal: 2nd Income
  • Includes Other Portfolios
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Stock and ETF


$ 9.99 / mo.

  • $5,000 Minimum
  • Target: 20% per year
  • Goal: Side Hustle
  • No Futures Required
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$ 4.99 / mo.

  • $100 Minimum
  • Target: Match Spy
  • Goal: Monthly Income
  • Use Any Broker
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Portfolio Basics

  1. The ideal path for beginners is /MES, then /ES, then Dividend.
  2. We offer a traditional options account for those who cannot, or don't want to, trade options on futures.
  3. /MES, Options, and Dividend accounts offer 1 or 2 way communication. This dictates the amount of support you can receive. If you are very familiar with options and are just looking for trade ideas, then 1-way should be sufficient.
  4. All accounts include Real-Time Alerts and Account Reviews.
  5. /ES includes all other tiers, and 2-way communication.

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Your Retirement Starts Here

Stop wasting time and money trying to find a profitable strategy. Learn from our past mistakes. Follow an experienced trader to accelerate your learning and get you on the path to financial independence.

Get started with these easy steps:

  1. Sign up for a free account
  2. Sign up for a TastyTrade account
  3. Watch our free course
  4. Determine if you want to buy a Pro course
  5. Determine which alert service you want
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Frequently asked questions

Some common questions we can get out of the way. Message us if something isn't covered.

Cynical but valid. Our style of trading is not something that can be impacted by additional traders joining us. While we do make enough money that we don't NEED to do this, it's another side-hustle that we have automated against our trades. We also enjoy teaching. Todd has been training co-workers since his first job at Wendy's when he was 15. It's extremely gratifying to watch people learn and grow.

They are only targets. Some years we hit them, some years we don't. While you may believe we would need to gamble to make these returns, we assure you this isn't the case. You are always welcome to watch our trades for a period of time to vet them. Paper trading is encouraged. Lastly, if you'd just like to dip your toes in, you can take safer trades than us, at the expense of returns.

Yes. Often the trades go against us for the first several days. In most cases you'll be able to enter our trades at better or similar prices.

Because we trade several strategies in each account, depending on market conditions, the average days in a trade may be misleading. However, our average is around 1 week.

Definitely not. If you are an experienced trader just looking for new ideas than no course is needed. You still may find benefit from the 2-way communication tier, but this isn't necessary.

No. Our trading style doesn't require much screen time, so there's NO NEED to quit. You can build your account much faster if you can contribute to it, not to mention the reduced stress of knowing you have your main income.

Twitter, Discord, Telegram, Email, Text Msg. Have another app that we should integrate with? Let us know.

You can trade any of these strategies with a margin account with no minimum balance. If you select the /MES and/or /ES portfolios you will need to be approved to trade futures. In an IRA with TastyTrade we need 5k to trade /MES and 25k to trade /ES.

Yes. You can see all our active trades, and our trade history. Winners and Losers.

Yes. When you sign into your free account, you will see our free introductory course, as well as closed trades that are older than XX days.

We primarily use TastyTrade. We have multiple individual margin accounts there, as well as an IRA. For dividend accounts we use Robinhood or Webull currently.

Note that we trade options on futures, not direct futures. These trades are almost the exact same as trading options on stocks and etfs. The commissions are a small amount more, but this is greatly overshadowed by better margin efficiency (SPAN Margin) leading to increased profitability. They are the future. There is an additional approval needed on your account but this does not cost extra for the approval or data.

We've set our prices for the masses. We think the value delivered is tremendous. We are committed to your success. The price is based on the recommended account size, and the profit we expect you to experience from that account. While nothing is guaranteed, the cost should be covered by the profits. Quality education costs money.

We said there will be no slimy marketing. We increase our prices by 5% each year on January 1st. Other than that, there may be the occasional discount on our courses but our alert tiers will remain the same price throughout the year. So, you don't need to act in the next 24 hours (unless it's the end of December) but we would still recommend you start sooner rather than later. Active subscriptions will not have prices increased, so the price you pay is locked in for as long as you're subscribed.

This depends on market conditions. Generally, we are writing a position, so collecting a credit to open. It may be a strangle, iron condor, put or call credit-spread, and even naked calls or puts. Don't let this intimidate you. We will walk you through the process.

We don't intend on ever offering a sale on the different portfolios. We may offer the occasional sale on our pro course. What we do offer is a bundled discount, where the more you subscribe to the more savings there will be. Additionally, the further you prepay, you'll receive additional discounts. So, for example, monthly would be the most expensive, then annually, and then of course our lifetime membership.

We've been alerting since beginning of 2019, originally under a different site (TastyTracker) and will continue to alert. We have no intention of ever quitting. Todd is only in his 30's, so plenty of time left. You should feel very comfortable with the mechanics long before we stop alerting.

You'll just need a TastyTrade account and either a smartphone, tablet, or pc/mac. They have apps for most operating systems and a website for medium/larger screens as well. The device you're using doesn't need to be particularly fast, and neither does your internet speed.

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